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WATCH: Holiday family musical cast performs live on 'GMA'


Transcript for Holiday family musical cast performs live on ‘GMA’

talking about the spirit of All right. Now to a group of kids dedicated to a choir heading back to school and they are part of the musical theater in a show called “The little dancer” and I’m here with Steven Fischer and audim brokenbough. I have four full-time shows as the boy choir, Pennsylvania girl choir. I have a part-time job as a musical theater writer, and I wanted to write a show where our kids could make their off Broadway debut and they are. I love it. It’s all going to a great cause. Audim, you have been in the choir for six years now. Yes. Your school didn’t have an arts program when you started. How has this transformed your life? I traveled the world and made a lot of amazing friends and now I’m off Broadway now. How does that feel? Good. This show is practically sold out because these guys are so talented. Do you want to hear a little bit of it? All right. Performing is the theater gate chorus. ?????? ??? the Christmas show, right on the stage, hey hey hey ???

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