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WATCH: Chris Pratt's 'big reveal' about the new 'Avengers' movie


Transcript for Chris Pratt’s ‘big reveal’ about the new ‘Avengers’ movie

Good morning, America. ??? I can make your hands clap ??? Good morning, America, is right. We called in special help to welcome you back. One of our favorite guests and made us laugh in “Parks and recreation” and became a superhero in “Guardians of the galaxy” and bake in “The Lego movie 2: The second part,” so please welcome the one, the only Chris Pratt. ??? I can make your hands clap ??? What’s up, man? How are you? Good to see you, man. Have a seat. Thank you, sir. Hello. Brought some friends. I brought my friends, we’ve got Emmett, Rex dangervest, star-lord and the raptor from “Jurassic world” and they go everywhere with me. The entourage. You don’t have to feed and they don’t talk back. Nice. We got to start out, congratulations. You’re getting married. Yes, I am. Congrats to you and Katherine, man. Have you started the wedding planning and if so how involved are you in it? Oh, well, of course, we’ve started and pretty involved. That’s it? Yeah. All right, we’ll move on to something else — Okay, yeah, yeah, okay, let’s move on to something else. But also congratulations too because Lara broke it in “Pop news.” You have sheep. Yes, die. One of your sheep won a blue ribbon. That’s right. Congratulations to you. Now, that’s — Talk about that. That I’m excited to talk about. I’ve got this great — I’ve got a sheep farm and we’ve got a ewe named cacao and won a blue ribbon and it was out of ten sheep and she got first place and so — Fiber palooza. Yeah, I have a sheep farm like my happy place, I got it. Relaxing pretty sure and will Arnett was here, co-stars in “The Lego movie 2.” Batman, Will Arnett. And we asked will, we said, will, what is the one thing we can ask Chris. He said ask him to do his Sean Connery impression. He said I have a Sean Connery impression. He said Sean — See, he’s Canadian. That’s why. Oh, Sean Connery. So, god, this is — now it’s really set up that it’s an impression but it’s not. So Sean Connery. Really you can just say Sean Connery’s name and you’ll sound like him. You will you’ll say, I’m — I’m Sean Connery. Go to the library and check out a library called “The rock.” No, that’s not good. You have the golden voice and you are using it in “The Lego movie 2” so we’ll take a look at a clip. Let’s check out Chris Pratt. Who are you? Whoa! The name is Rex. Rex dangervest. Cowboy, who likes building furnitures and having chiseled features hidden under baby fat. Whoa. But you’re so talented you voice two characters. Yes, I voice two characters. Emmett and Rex. I voice both of the characters and Rex is really, you know, this amalgamation of all the roles I’ve played over the past three or four years, the Chris Miller and Phil lord are so funny and the movie is really funny and they mine a lot of pop culture references from the zeitgeist for comedy and that’s one thing they did was lampooned my career over the past few years and the movie is really, really good and opens February 8th. Yes. Yes. Excited about that, man. And you have a 6-year-old son. Yes, I do. So when it comes to this Lego movie is he excited his dad is in the movie. He is. So he loved the first movie. We watch it a lot. You know how kids are. You watch the movie a lot and he saw the trailer for the second film and he said, dad, I think I have a new character. Rex dangervest. He trains raptors. I said guess who does that voice? He said, who. Me. He was like, how shall but it doesn’t sound like you so now he — just making sense in his 6-year-old brain that you can change your voice and you can voice different characters and he’s really excited about it. He’s trying all these different impressions and trying to do his own Rex dangervest and he’s like, dad, I can’t do it. I can’t get the tone right. It’s like — He’s a little voice actor in the making. He has time to figure it out. No, he doesn’t. He has six weeks and we already signed a multipicture deal with several studios. He better bring it or it’s — I got you, man. Kid better pick it up quick. We saw “Avengers: Endgame” trailer. The most streamed — Yeah. The number one trending topic out there. Is there anything you can tell us, star-lord? Well, you know, I could tell you so much. Yes. I could. I have — I’m a vault of information that would make — that would break the internet. But I have to just — all I really should say is it’s coming out this year. And — You know, everyone in the world is going to see it. Probably get your tickets now if there’s even any left. And everything — everything it promises in the previous movie it delivers on and so much more and the same thing with the Lego movie. It just — yeah. The Lego movie always delivers. You always deliver. Come on. You’re such a good dude like really are. Just a nice man and we wanted to do something nice for you. We have some wedding gifts and we wanted you to pick one. Pick a wedding gift, any gift. It’s like “The price is right.” Where do I go? Here. Yeah, the big one! That’s it. Take it. What do we got here? Oh, my gosh. It’s a blender. Yes. It’s a blender. There we go. A “Gma” blender. Wow. I’m making some — want to make a protein shake right after this. Yes right after this. We’ll tell people, you got to see “The Lego movie 2: The second part”. It hits theaters Friday. Everyone in the audience are going because you’re all getting tickets — I-maximum tickets. Whoa.

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