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How to deal with election-related anxiety

The Lok Sabha results are finally out and it does not matter which party you support, the election-season can bring some terrible bouts of anxiety. Infact, whether you believe it or not, election-related anxiety is a real thing. It may have something to do with the fact that no matter where you head to-from social networking sites to heated debates on news channels–there is no escaping from highly charged political discussions.

This can be especially tormenting if your political ideology is at crossroads with those close to you. For a lot of people, politics isn’t only about who is governing the nation but rather an incredibly important part of their very identity. The candidates they vote for often tend to represent their ideals and moral leanings.

If you have been experiencing a pit-like feeling in the stomach, every time someone mentions polls, projections or the final results of the elections, you could be experiencing election-related anxiety. This anxiety can actually get triggered with political discussions at work and even the slightest exposure to election talk and media coverage. Here are 4 ways you can deal with the same:

1. Limit your access to election-related news

If the exposure to Lok Sabha elections and the final results are a source of extreme distress and anxiety, the first thing you need to do is tune out. Simply log out of Twitter and Facebook, as they are going to be one of the most politically-active places on the day of the results. Stop checking your social media handles and deactivate news alerts.

2. Turn down political discussions

If you do not feel like engaging in heated political debates about the impact of the results, the best thing to do is politely decline to comment on the same. You can also excuse yourself from the conversations and discussions by simply citing more important work. You may also ask your friends and family to refrain from having political discussions around you. WhatsApp forward messages can be a big nuisance, you may want to tune down the notifications for a day or two to avoid unnecessary political posts.

3. Do something you believe in

If the prospect of the election results is keeping you up at night and you are worried that the chosen candidate might not be able to save the planet or stand up for women rights, it is advisable that you advocate the causes you believe in.

If you want to do something good for your city or even for a sect of society, do it regardless of the election results. You just might realise the impact even a tiny contribution for a good cause can have.

4. Remember nothing is constant

If you are not happy with the results of Lok Sabha elections, you need to remind yourself that there are certain things beyond your control. If you are not happy with how certain friends or family members are reacting to the news, remember all the reasons you like them that have nothing to do with their political leanings.

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