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MURDER: बेटे को नागवार गुज़री चिट फंड बिज़नेस में मां की बेईमानी


Madan was extremely disturbed for a few days. The sister had been married and the mother went to live in her brother’s house. The work which Madan had nothing to do, was eating his brain by asking questions related to him. Madan had a lot of conflict with his mother, but it was not a common fight between mother and son, but the matter was about to reach a murder.

Madonna’s sister Reena, 21-22 years old who lived in Hyderabad, was married only a few months ago. The marriage was done with great fanfare and a lot of money was spent for it. Madan remembers that he had told the mother that he should not have done so much, but did not accept mother and did not give up in making arrangements more than he could. Madan was searching for a good job after completing his studies some time back, so he had no big money.

Madam’s mother, Sheela, arranged for Rina’s wedding at all. In Sheela Asal, Chit Fund’s business was run in which many people used to deposit their money and Sheila was paying back the interest and commission and return money including interest to the people in a fixed time. But, after the daughter’s fame, Sheela had spent a lot of money from Chit Fund. Madan was very upset with this and was still saying that he will have to return the money, what will he do? Then Sheila avoided talking by saying that then it will be seen then.

Reena had been married for a few months and at this time, those who invested in chit fund business started coming home. All come and ask for your money back. Sheila reassured everyone by giving them the money back in a short span of time. But the concerns of the creditors were increasing. Being disturbed by this daily routine, Sheela told Madan that she is going to stay here for some days with her maternal uncle. He did not tell the reason for Madan.

After Sheila’s departure, the creditors started making mental requests to Madan. But by telling Madan that for some days the mother has gone out, where the creditors were supposed to be. After passing a few days, the creditors started listening to the false falsehood to Madan. Then the threat started. In the meantime, Madan talked of returning from Sheela on the phone, he would have avoided calling it for a few days. Here, Madan’s troubles were increasing.

Any creditor taking money from Madan at home or walking along the road and letting his mother be treated as a cheating man, Many people came to Madan to give ultimatum and some even tried to scramble with him. Now it was difficult for Madan to suffer from everyday taunts and headaches. After all Madan went to Mama himself on June 27 last and forced Sheila to return home. He told the mother that if she has business, then deal with those people.

Sheila went to the house but Madan was also given a false lip that she can not hear two things for her mother, how is her son? The dispute started between the two and Madan, who had come to his rescue, asked to be silent with his mother, but Sheela continued to disperse her mischief. Now Madan got out of the house, he caught his mother’s throat and pressed her tentusa. While trying to escape for a while, Madan’s anger at Sheela was silent only when Sheela’s temper was gone.

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After a while Madan’s mind got some cool, then he realized that he killed his mother. He cried to his maternal uncle that it was so in anger. Slowly many close relatives came to know and Madan was handed over to the police.