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मीडिया ने इंग्लैंड टीम की जमकर तारीफ, कहा-‘अब बुधवार के सभी प्लान होंगे रद्द’


While reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup , the English media said that all the plans for the country’s Wednesday evening were canceled because of the team of Gareth Southgate’s team, which has been canceled because all the final four will see the team from Croatia Are desperate.

England defeated Sweden 2-0 in Samara, after which the local newspaper ‘Sun’ said, “Wednesday’s plan was canceled.” There is no room for happiness in the semi-finals after 28 years of ‘Three Lions’. ”

The Mail wrote in the online website, “The dream is going on. All in England are in great ecstasies.” In this, the bridges of England team’s rising goalkeeper Jordan Picford were built, who made excellent defense.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Mirror wrote, “England have reached the World Cup semi-finals – is this the domestic comeback of football.”“As soon as the match was over, the players climbed to each other to celebrate the victory. They took a few seconds to realize this feeling and only after celebrating the goal,” Abjavarwar said in his report. Connected. ”

Despite this happiness, the newspaper warned while making a mistake in England’s victory, “If England wants to be serious about winning the title of the tournament, then it will have to be played more efficiently.”

The ‘Sunday Telegraph’ compared Southgate to England coach Bobby Robson 28 years ago. He wrote, “There are quite similarities between Southgate and late Sir Robbie.” Like Robson, Southgate also fed three players in the back line. ”